Jarold Sng is a Concept Artist, Designer, and Art Director based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He began his career as a CG generalist in the video game industry. Working primarily in the asset servicing department- providing prop and environment asset concepts.

Eventually, his responsibilities increased to Senior Concept Artist to final serving as the Concept Art Director at Malaysia's leading Game and Animation Servicing studio for two years. 

An avid figure and statue collector- Jarold has broadened his design scope to include statue designs and collectible designs.

Currently he is working with Project Triforce; a Video Game collectible company based in New York; and is a Guest Lecture at The One Academy of Communication Design.


孙堃善 / Jarold Sng



事業始於著名遊戲及動畫公司,擔任全方位設計師,為遊戲創造各方類型設計從人物、造型至道具, 也少不了場景及科幻生物。



現擔任美國紐約市遊戲及電影工業模型設計公司‘ PROJECT TRIFORCE ’為高級概念設計師。並於 馬來西亞 THE ONE ACADEMY OF COMMUNICATION DESIGN 為客座講師。